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How do I Contribute to the Database

Any information such as providing forenames, date of birth etc would be welcomed, in addition, if you are aware of missing awards to a particular person, or you are the recipient, I would be grateful for any  information/photographs of medals you’d like to contribute.

My main aim of this database is to record, definitively, the awards and honours given to Rhodesians for future generations and to help collectors to rebuild broken groups.

Form completion notes

  1. Information entered in each cell will automatically wrap-round, please do not worry about this.
  2. Accurate recording of the Award inscription is key to the database as I would ask that you record it as
    accurately as possible, including full-stops and spaces, as well as upper or lower case (although most
    awards are recorded in uppercase).
  3. The information that you provide is not subject to copyright.
  4. Where possible a photograph of your medals would be greatly appreciated to avoid confusion
    in naming, it also assists in identifying different types of the same medal e.g. QEII or Geo VI variations.
  5. The information you submit will be recorded on the database for future generations to use and remember
    your Service in Rhodesia and other countries.
  6. Please feel to contact with any queries you may have, I want to get this right for the future.


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