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Medal Statistics

View a table of statistics detailing the number and type of honours and awards that are currently in the database and the date that the database was last updated.

The database contains names of people, both civilian and military, who were recipients of Rhodesian honours and awards, and the honours and awards from numerous countries which were awarded to these people. References to the awards allow you to gain access to the formal data source e.g. The London Gazette.

It is envisaged that the database will be updated on a monthly basis or more frequently should a large information source become available.

Your feedback on functionality and information is important to me and will be taken constructively, however, please bear in mind that all changes to the website cost money and will come directly from my ‘moth eaten wallet’.

Who am I

I started life in the June of 1967, in Ndola, Zambia born of British parents who emigrated from the United Kingdom (UK) in 1965? In 1971, we emigrated once more to the then Umtali, Rhodesia now Mutare, Zimbabwe.

My Father served in the British South Africa Police (BSAP) Police Reserve Air Wing (PRAW) as a Police Reserve Observer (PRO), flying with Police Reserve Pilot (PRP) Rupert Hildebrand in his Cessna 1234.

February, 1988 saw the family returning to the UK.

I was commissioned as a Supply (Logistics) Officer in Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force (RAF) in December, 1991, reaching the rank of Flight Lieutenant before retiring from the RAF in May 2007. Taking a career ‘sabbatical’ I decided to concentrate on my long-term ambition of creating this database and ultimately this website, formalising the information, I had gathered, into a database and dedicating 2008 in ‘Research City’ entering, validating and getting this website built.

I hope you find my efforts of some worth to you and would welcome any contributions.

Lest we forget.


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